Why get a Virtual Office in Ireland

Why get a Virtual office in Ireland is usually a question that is asked when starting a new business. It really comes down to your needs. One or two person start ups can benefit hugely from offsetting the costs of office rental as the associated fees alone can be very expensive. A Virtual office frees you up in terms of overheads and resources as you can usually acquire a Virtual Office with few terms and conditions. A virtual office is usually understood to be a home room where you have a laptop or computer set up, and not a dedicated rental space with a fixed pc where you would meet your clients.

A Virtual office is not defined as just your agreement with a service provider, it includes all the elements involved in running a small business administrative function, without renting a physical dedicated space with people and desks. So lets look at the benefits of a virtual office:

You will save a lot of money. Some costs to mention are rent, utilities, rates, furniture, capital outlay, technology to name a few.

You can hire staff from anywhere. You don’t have to hire local. You will get used to working remotely without the constraints of an office environment.

You set the working hours you want.

The virtual office will capture information on new business and messages through the dedicated phone answering function without giving the impression you are a micro business. Business leads that make first contact can be responded to quickly and in order of priority.

With a Virtual office, less time is wasted on commuting and with natural distractions from coworkers.

Importantly, working from home can give a better work life balance. You get to spend more time with your family and pets.

Finally, your have more flexibility on the hours that you work. This greatly improves work life balance. So why get a Virtual Office in Ireland? Give us a call and we can take you through what we can do for your new business. Our contact details.


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